We are an experienced team consisting of mechanical & electrical engineers, technicians, as well as quality and regulatory experts.

Competitive Advantages

  • Conservative spending prior to feasibility
  • Understanding flexibility and quality requirements for project success
  • Proactive
  • Understanding time vs cost benefit
  • Contingency plan
  • IP belongs to customer

Our Approach

  • Flexibility to accommodate customer needs to accomplish critical milestones within budget
  • Feasibility phase: evaluate all potential design options
  • Development phase: take one or two concepts up to design selection including DFM, quality, and cost
  • Verification and validation: ensuring regulatory requirement and ASTM standards
  • Manufacturing transfer

Product Experience

  • Neurovascular: embolic coils and coil delivery systems, microcatheters
  • Cardiovascular: stent implants, angioplasty catheters, guide wires, lead wires, accessories for anastomosis, ECG recorders and systems
  • Gastroenterology: snares and grasper, disposable and re-usable endoscopes, implants for obesity treatment, Biopsy and drug delivery systems
  • Urology: dilators, stone removal, access sheath, ureteral stent, BPH and urethral stents, accessories for PCNL procedures, systems for OAB treatments
  • Other: power supplies, motor drives, PLC based systems, breast biopsy systems, RF generators, blood analyzer/blood sample prep equipment, systems to treat OSA